The cookies are small quantities of information that are stored in the mariner used by every user in order that the servant remembers certain information that later it could use. This information allows to identify you as a concrete user and allows to guard his personal preferences, as well as technical information since could be visits or concrete pages that he visits.


This web uses cookies own and of third parties to improve the user’s experience and to offer contents adapted to his interests, by means of the customization of advertising spaces. With the record in the web and / or the mere navigation (with the mariner enabled to agree cookies), the user accepts the installation of cookies, except that it is opposed, as is detailed in this Cookies’s Politics.


Our Cookies’s Politics is subject to periodic updates. His intention is to help him to understand the use that we do of the cookies, the purpose of the used cookies, as well as the options that the user has to manage them.


The users can accede to this information at all time across the link enabled in the web. Likewise, they will be able to modify his preferences on the acceptance of cookies across the options of his mariner.


At all time, and at least, during the installation or putting in the day of the mariner, the user has the possibility of agreeing or rejecting the installation of cookies, or reject the installation of a certain type of cookies, as the cookies of advertising and of third parties. In addition, after every session it can eliminate all or some of the stored cookies. Likewise the user can activate:

  • The private navigation, by means of which his mariner stops guarding the record of navigation, passwords of web sites, cookies and another information of the pages that he visits, or
  • The function not to rake, for that the mariner asks to the web sites that he visits that they do not trace his habits of navigation, for for example, to serve him advertising of his interest in the sites that he visits.


Those users who do not want to receive cookies or want to be informed before they should be stored in his computer, can form his browser to such an effect.


We recommend to him to consult the help of his browser to be informed about the different options on how managing the cookies. Later we include the links to manage cookies in the most relevant mariners:


Most of the browsers of nowadays allows the management of the cookies of 3 different forms:

1. Las cookies no se aceptan nunca.

2. The browser asks the user if it is necessary to to accept every cookie.

3. The cookies are accepted always.


The browser also can include the possibility of specifying better what cookies have to be accepted and which not. In I make concrete, the user can accept normally someone of the following options: to reject the cookies of certain domains; to reject the cookies of third parties; to agree cookies as not persistent (they are eliminated when the browser is closed); to allow to the servant to create cookies for a different domain. In addition, the browsers can allow to the users see and erase also cookies individually.


He has more information about the Cookies in:


Nowadays we use the following solutions for the measurement of the traffic of this site. It can see more information about the politics of privacy of each one of the solutions used for such an effect: Google (Analytics):